Young G’s story

A recipe for success

While proudly serving our country in Afghanistan, Young G’s founder Gerald Young missed many of the comforts of home, including his dad Ronald’s homemade barbecue sauce. He missed the tangy goodness that he and so many friends and family loved about the sauce.

If it was wildly popular within the Young family’s circle, surely there were more that would love it. As a homecoming gift from active duty, Ronald gave Gerald his secret barbecue sauce recipe and permission to take it to the masses! Just like that, Gerald had a new career path.

Gerald uses the lessons he learned in the service to help his business prosper. It’s helped him become a leader and form bonds with his customers. He always treats self and others with dignity and respect.

“I stay positive and get things done,” says Gerald.

With the support of the Veteran’s Administration, his wife Stephanie, and his excellent drive and work ethic, Young G’s Barbeque Sauce is winning over the hearts and taste buds of people throughout the Midwest. “It’s a healthy, tasty sauce for American families,” says Gerald.

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Des Moines Register feature
Des Moines Register feature

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